CONSULTANTS IN: Land Administration, Engineering, Cadastral, Geodetic, and Marine Surveys; GNSS Applications, Digital Information Processing and Marketing; Geographic and Management Information Systems; Geo-spatial Data Infrastructure Development, Digital Mapping, Automated Cartography and Computer Aided Design; Computer Software and Hardware Systems Evaluation, Installation and Marketing; Software Systems Design, Analysis and Programming; Remote Sensing of the Environment; Geological Surveys and Mapping, Training in Geoinformatics



Applied Geo Inf Ltd is a  technology company with a registration certificate No. 31628 dully incorporated  and registered by BRELA in 1997. The Company is registered with TRA and its Tax Payers Identity (TIN) number is 101-211-282 .  Applied Geo Info Ltd  has been  registered with the National Council of Professional Surveyors (NCPS) since 1997. Payment of license dues for the period 2010 to 2013 have been dully paid to the Secretary National Council of Professional Surveyors  and it has a valid business license.


The company was formed by a team of three land surveying, land administration and  geoinformation technology experts in 1997 in response to the perceived future needs for home grown geoinformatics application in natural resources assessment and management, land administration, civil engineering and geoinformation technology business.


Prior to AGI's establishment the three founding directors Dr E. G. Mtalo, Mr. Maenda Kwimbere, and Faustin Gwacha had been involved in geoinformation science education and capacity building activities ofArdhi University and her predecessors. In particular the AGI Managing Director Dr Mtalo was instrumental  in the development of consultancy services at  Ardhi Institute which was the predecessor of Ardhi University. As a result  Ardhi Institute and her predecessors became  the premier consultant in the areas of land surveying, geomatics, land information management,  ICT and geoinformation technology.


Major land surveying undertakings  that the founding directors have been  involved with in the past in include the adjudication, and survey of military sites in Dodoma, Zanzibar and Pemba; The adjudication and survey of right of way for the Songo Songo to Dar Es Salaam; Survey of TCAA air navigation facilities in Mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar. Other tasks involved the Survey on behalf of the PSRC, of encroachments on large sisal plantations in Morogoro, Kilosa and Coastal region, the  adjudication and survey of national ranches and estates in Morogoro, Kilosa, and Tanga; Cadastral Survey and settlement planning of Nyamongo Township at North Mara Mine.  All senior staff have undertaken cadastral survey of thousands of urban plots in tenders won by Applied Geo Info in Dodoma and Dar Es Salaam during the past 10 years.


The Company's managing Director was a major actor developing,  facilitating and directing major national and regional  initiatives such as the Establishment of the Geoinformation Centre at Ardhi University (UCLAS) in 1996, the Dutch Government Funded Environmental Information Systems Capacity Development Project for  East and Southern Africa  in 1998; Lead Consultant for the  design of the MKURABITA Property and Business Formalisation Reform Proposals, The Development of a Proposal for the  UNDP funded Framework for  Environmental Information Management (FNEIM) initiative, The DFID funded Feasibility study for  ICT's application in the Executive Agencies; and the Chairmanship of the  National Spatial Data Infrastructure Initiative.


Company Operations

The establishment of the company in 1997 provided opportunity for the directors of the company to venture into the new fields of geoinformation technology and ICT. Between 1997 and the present the company has in addition to the traditional land surveying and land administration related tasks focussed on capacity development in the application of GIS and Remote Sensing  for Land administration, natural resources management and local government administration. As such the company has developed a production line like capacity for applying ICT's and Geoinformation technology in addressing issues of informal settlement regularisation, urban and rural cadastral surveys and engineering surveys.  At AGI GIS is used as the premier technology and tool for data management and output generation in all stages of the company's undertakings. For data collection/data capture the latest technologies including PDA based data upload and download, OmniStar Differential precision GPS surveys are used.


The AGI's automated workflow entails  scanning and digitisation of paper maps, uploading the data into a GIS database; uploading data from the GIS database into high precision electronic total stations, Precise GPS,  hand held GPS receivers and PDA's; using the GPS, Total Stations and PDA's for setup surveys, site surveys, topographic surveys and map updating and downloading the updated map data into the company's GIS server for information processing and report output.


For work entailing informal settlements AGI Ltd has developed an effective participatory planning and implementation approach for regularisation and cadastral survey in which citizens of informal settlements are encouraged to establish “Vikundi Kazi” (work groups) under the supervision of the village or Mtaa leadership (VEO and Chairperson). Once these work groups (Vikundi Kazi) are established AGI Ltd technical staff identify able youth in the groups and give them lessons on how the  adjudication and survey tasks will be  undertaken. Those who show good progress are then incorporated as temporary AGI Ltd field workers to create a bridge between the Company and the target community. This mode of operation creates a harmonious work environment and it has enabled AGI Ltd to deliver on complicated tasks such as the regularisation and survey of high density informal settlement of Dodoma Mnadani (over 2500 units) without forceful government intervention in a record time of one and half months. More recently the same approach was used in Miganga  and Mkonze, an area  CDA had been experiencing strong resistance from the local people,  and AGI Ltd was able to deliver on the cadastral survey of 6,000 plots within a period of two months without any conflict.


Organisation of the Company

The AGI Ltd has three main divisions each headed by a director. These divisions are responsible for delivering on the key areas of AGI's mission that is “The delivery of quality service in the shortest possible time”. The table below lays out the organisation of the company.



Name, Credentials and Experience

Managing Director

Dr Elifuraha Gerard Mtalo, M.Sc End(civil), M.Sc (geomatics), PhD, Thirty years in the industry

Director Operations

Mr Joseph D. Maenda Kwmbere, M.Sc. Eng(Surveying), M.Sc (Geomatics), Twenty Five years in industry

Director Education/Training and ICT Services

Dr. Job Chaula, B.Sc. (Computer Science), M.Sc (Computer Science), PhD(Computer Science), 15 years in Industry

Director of Finance and GIS Services

Mr Faustin Cyril Gwacha, Adv, Dipl (ARI), M.Sc (Geodesy), M.Sc (Geoinformatics), 18 Years in Industry


Business Registration

Applied Geo Info Ltd is a company incorporated and registered under the Companies Act  in 1997. The Certificate of Incorporation No 31628 is appended to this Company Profile

Tax Payers Registration

Applied Geo Info Ltd is registered with the TRA  and its Tax Payers Identity (TIN) number 101-211-282. The TRA Registration Certificate  is duly appended in the Company Profile


Business License

The Applied Geo Info Ltd has a valid Business license copy of which is dully enclosed in this Company Profile


Professional Registration

Applied Geo Info is registered with the National Council of Professional Surveyors since its establishment in 1997. Payment of license dues for the period 2010 to 2013 have been dully paid to the Secretary National Council of Professional Surveyors. The company managing director's (MD) professional registration certificate is No. 40 issued on 2nd April 1987, The MD is also a fellow of the Institution of Surveyors of Tanzania (Reg No. 69 issued on 18th June 1999). Furthermore the MD is licensed to practice surveying in Tanzania  under Surveyor's License No. 78 issued  on the 3rd April 2001 by the National Council of Professional Surveyors.